Baron Von Tarkin
Baron Von Tarkin image
Baron Von Tarkin's icon from HoMM IV
Vital statistics
Title baron
Gender male
Race Lich
Faction Nekross
Status Alive

So many living, so little time. Such is the lament of the Baron Von Tarkin. Having become discontented over the decades with his own small kingdom, the Baron now seeks to rid the world of all living things, converting them instead to a vast army of the undead.



Part in: Death March (Winds of War Death Campaign). He is the main characters and takes part in all 3 maps: Prelude to Invasion, Flies in the Ointment, The Hand of Death. An old lich, who rules the big and dead country of Korresan got tired of the neighbour country of Channon, which lives and prosper, so he decides to conquer it and kill everyone and of course rise them as his undead army. After sucessfully conquering the lands in his way, he heads to the capital city of Rylos where he meets other 4 heroes: Erutan Revol, Spazz Maticus, Mysterio the Magnificent and Mongo from other 4 Winds of War campaigns: The Last Bastion.




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