H4 genies

Rather poor statistics, especially attack, but the Genies’ strength are in the spells. With a great array of spells including Ice Bolt, Song of Peace, and Create Illusion can devastate an opposing army. It is very cheap, too, only half the cost of a Vampire.

statistics Edit

Genies can cast the following spells: Cowardice, Create Illusion (18 HP/Genie), Ice Bolt (18/Genie), Mirth, Slow, and Song of Peace.

Health 60
Damage 9-12
Population 6
Cost 550
Shots N/A
Attack 10
RangeAtt N/A
Defence 18
RangeDef 18
Mana 24
Speed 6
Movement 10
AdvMove 25
Killing XP 105

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